On what resources view information about Sailing club in Marbella? > 자유게시판

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On what resources view information about Sailing club in Marbella? > 자유게시판

On what resources view information about Sailing club in Marbella?

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작성자 Porter
댓글 0건 조회 23회 작성일 23-09-15 22:30


TRY SAIL – Sailing club in Marbella https://trysail.es/
Sailing is an exciting sport and form of recreation, which helps people grow in every aspect, filling them with the energy of the wind, sea and sun, and giving them the chance to feel truly free. This unique experience is available to everyone, as sailing is not limited by age, gender or physical fitness.
We offer a monofleet of six sailing boats for sport events and make sailing possible for everyone:
- Regattas. Real boat races even available to those with no experience at all.
- Corporate sailing. Special formats which improve employee performance and bring the team together to achieve the company’s strategic goals.
- Themed cruises. A perfect opportunity to relax and spend some time with family, friends or alone with nature.
- Training and courses. Simple and affordable educational formats to help you find yourself in sailing at different skill levels.
- Rentals. To organize the trip of your choice with skipper or on your own.
- Regular cruises. Book a spot on one of our regular cruises, which are given by our skippers according to a schedule.
- Private events. Boats, sea, sun and salty wind are the perfect conditions for an unusual event to amaze your guests.
TRY SAIL organizes family, corporate and sports events on board, which can interest professional sailors as well as those who have never been sailing before. We make going out to sea as easy as taking a bike ride or renting a paddle boat.
Our mission is to make sailing possible for everyone, regardless of their experience, skills or goals. We offer a new sailing format for anyone with a sailing background and open this exciting world to those who just want to try… to try sail.


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Tel. 055-323-4241
Fax. 050-4379-4241
email. aler79@nate.com

월-금 am 9:00 - pm 05:00
점심시간 : am 12:00 - pm 01:00


주소 경상남도 김해시 금관대로 804번길 61-7(명법동)
사업자 등록번호 437-43-00489 대표 김두찬 전화 055-323-4241 팩스 050-4379-4241
통신판매업신고번호 제2020-경남김해-0968호 개인정보 보호책임자 김두찬
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